Managed Surveillance

Just what is "Managed Surveillance"?

After working with several of our clients and hearing them tell us what they went through searching out the best solution for their environment, we have "packaged" the process to simplify the overall customer experience. By encapsulating, what we feel are the fundamental components to deploying a successful solution, we have taken the stress out of identifying, purchasing and deploying the surveillance system that is custom built for your environment.

With our solution, you no longer have to worry about defective equipment, updates to firmware or software and we can manage as little or as much of the solution as you would like. If you want to own the solution once we are done, we will train and support your team and then turn it over to you and your team. If you would rather have us manage everything, and take advantage of our fully managed approach, we'll have your back and manage the full deployment.

Site Survey

A critical part of our service is the site survey. We look for the areas in your environment that could expose you to liability or loss. Being so focused requires us to partner with you to understand as much as we can prior to deploying and device. During the onsite visit we will be looking for ways to reduce your exposure and increase coverage.

Setup - Deploy - Manage

What sets us apart from most others, in this business is, we deliver the whole package and not just the recorder, cameras or generic software. The reason you chose us is we provide the whole package and ensure it will work for your environment through our onsite survey and analysis. We are not using so called "Big Box" store components, we can guarantee system uptime and performance by using field tested and hardened equipment.

Having our own team deploy all the required components and validate their function, allows us to provide a guarantee of up time so you don't have to worry something will past surveillance. Our highly trained teams will professionally install each component with no opportunity for tampering or disabling any device to avoid detection.

One of the features of our package is it includes monitoring of the devices to ensure there are never gaps in your protection. If for any reason we detect a device is not operational or you report an issue, we will replace the component right away. Our goal is to make sure the system is always functional and performing to specification without failure.

Everyday Support and Management

Should you ever encounter problems with ANY PART OF THE PACKAGE, you will call the support number and we will fix the issue.


What is my investment

Having our team build the package for you, starting with the site survey, is protecting your investment by knowing each component has been purposely deployed to fit a specific need. We provide a guarantee on system up time and don't waste time asking questions when a device needs to be replaced because we use hardened and tested equipment that will hold up over time and we know it was installed the right way.

Each package is built with your environment in mind and is not a generic solution. Depending on where your business is located, we can have a team ready to meet with you in as little as 24 hours.

We are ready for your call

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