Forward Intellect - an IT Managed Services Company

Located in Leesburg Florida providing IT Managed Services, support and consultation for small to medium size businesses throughout Florida. With more than 40 years of experience working with businesses across major verticals, we have the experience to deliver for your business.

Whether you need IT operations, Cloud, Cybersecurity, Infrastructure support and management or just need an honest opinion or recommendation, we are ready to help you build a budget friendly plan no matter how you wish to operationalize the effort.

IT Managed Services

We partner with you to ensure a smooth onboarding and continued customer experience. Regardless of the size of you company, we will build a plan to support you.

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Cloud and SaaS

Maybe your not quite ready to move everything to the cloud. We can help get your company "cloud ready" and work to transition specific services over time to save money.

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Don't fall into the trap thinking this is for the other guy. If you're online, you need to have the proper defenses to keep your business safe with someone on the inside watching out.

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Infrastructure and HaaS

Regardless of what you may need and cost, there are many sources any many levels of quality, how do you know which to select? We will source, configure, deploy and support everything!

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Vendor Management

One of the things companies generally don't do is negotiate their services well. We will take that off your plate and work with your existing providers to improve service delivery and reduce cost.

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If you are facing significant costs to refresh your infrastructure devices, let us show you some other options that could return dollars to your bottom line. CAP-X has it's advantages and disadvantages, there are other ways to deploy your dollars effectively.  Let's discuss some options and review how we can also help manage your vendors, it's a good chance we are already working with them for other clients.
We look forward to sitting down with you to help analyze your company needs to maintain a strong, secure Cyber and infrastructure posture. It isn’t always about hardware and software, the simplest things we do each day can expose us to penetration attacks or outbound threats. We believe educating the users of technology is the foundation of any defense. Making your employees aware of what steps to take when something doesn’t look right can be the difference between your company thriving or being the next ransomware headline or even being shut down permanently.

Managed Services

Backup and Disaster Planning

There are many solutions available to ensure you are protecting your business from natural and unnatural events. We implement solutions to protect against loss and will also safeguard against being victimized. Your biggest threat may not be mother nature!

Cyber Security and Breach Detection / Response

Our approach ensures there is not only regular monitoring for suspicious activity, but there is a ready and rapid response in the event there is a breach. We do everything possible to harden the border between your business and bad actors to keep operations safe.

Patch Management

Our team leverages a suite of tools to ensure all devices are managed and updated as soon as it is feasible to do so. We make every possible attempt to ensure patches have been validated before deployment.

Vendor Management

We take the responsibility of working with all IT vendors to ensure a coordinated approach and all are delivering in your best interest. Our goal is to improve quality of delivery and drive down costs whenever possible.

Security Policies

Today most Cyber insurance plans will mandate documented policies for the Company, Executives, Employees and Guests as well as each deployed device class to maintain coverage. We work to develop a core set of policies to ensure your compliance.

Firewall, Antivirus SOC Support

Every device will be protected, behind a firewall, SaaS including MTR, regardless of where it is being used. You don’t want your workforce to be less safe because they work from home, hotel or the other side of the world. Everything needs to be protected!

Regular Monitoring of network performance

We keep data moving and optimized to ensure customer experience remains high at all times. By regularly monitoring the throughput of the network, we can identify choke points and make the required changes to correct any issues and returning efficiency to its optimum point.

Emergency and ongoing support

Our 24/7/365 monitoring will alert us when something isn‘t working as it’s supposed to. If your team needs assistance after hours, holidays or weekends – all they need to do is call or open a ticket so it can be assigned to someone focused on solving the issue on the first call.

Help Desk Support & ticketing

Every company needs to be able to ask questions as they come up or be able to request something be handled. We make every effort to turn tickets around within 24hrs or 4hrs or less for emergency issues.

Website and Application hosting

Because this can mean something different to every company, we try to keep things simple. If you have a monthly agreement with us, we will host most company sites for no cost. Complex and ecommerce sites do require different features and have additional costs.

Security awareness training & reporting

How sure are you your employees know when to click that email or not, whether to open that attachment or not? This is likely the most important thing you can do for your company these days - keep the malicious email from preying on your employees. We provide a cost-effective plan to your company as long as you maintain a monthly agreement for service.

Regular business reviews

It is important for us to make sure we meet on a regular basis, so we can get input and feedback on our service. This meeting is also to keep the business aware of any new threats, deliver information and status improvements from previous meetings.

No Long Term Contracts

Our goal is to provide the best service possible and don’t feel locking a client into a long-term contract is the best for either of us. If we end up deciding to part ways, all we ask is you give us 30 days’ notice, and we will do the same. We document everything that will be done so we can agree before any action is taken. We provide basic governance and ongoing statements of work that we agree to so there are no surprises. If we need to change something, we can usually do this over the phone and a follow up email. Our goal is to make IT simple and something you no longer have to worry about, it just works!

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