what every small business owner must know

about cyber-Insurance
Working together to protect small business
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You invested thousands in your network infrastructure security and you're feeling safe. Everyone said you were buying the best.
So why are you still not sleeping at night?
You know there's still a risk!
techrug and Forward Intellect are passionate about the same thing, our customers!
We have heard the stories of that company hit by Cybercrime and how it never recovered. The pure costs associated with recovery, and by "recovery" we mean just getting the doors open, can be significant. Cyber crime can have a huge impact in the form of lost business, reputational damage since the hackers also went after your clients, not to mention your employees.
So here are some things to consider about how you can protect your business, reputation and employees as well as have a chance of getting yourself going again.

Crime losses occur in a variety of ways. From a trusted office manager to a rogue employee to a hacker, crime is an ever-present risk that can cost your organization an enormous amount of money.

Regardless the size of your tech firm, you can be at risk for:

  • First Party Employee Dishonesty

    Crimes committed by your employees against you

  • Third Party Employee Dishonesty

    Crimes committed by your employees against your clients

  • Computer Fraud

    Fraudulent theft or transfers of money resulting from the use of computerized systems

  • Electronic Funds Transfer

    Theft when a financial institution transfers money based on fraudulent documentation

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