Business Continuity
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Backup policy? plan? continuity?

Backup means more than just knowing your backups run nightly and that someone checks the available storage every once and while.  Having written rehearsed processes and policies is foundational to surviving a serious event in your business.
Backups don't matter if you can't restore them!
Do you exercise blind faith in your backup process? So many businesses take for granted the tools do what they say and are not demanding evidence of success, don't make that mistake!
Backups don't matter if they fail on restore
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Backup Process and Planning
Just having an on-premise system backup isn't adequate if your business was damaged or destroyed by a natural event (weather, fire, flood, etc.), it is also very likely your backup data would be gone as well.  Believe it or not, you are more likely to suffer a man-made event caused by internal theft or as a result of a virus or being hacked.  While these scenarios may never happen, it is important to have a plan that is regularly practiced in order to ensure you can recover if you ever need to.  Do you have the proper cyber insurance, have you properly addressed the base line questions?
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Building the plan is only one piece of the overall strategy, even for smaller businesses.  The process of being prepared should be considered a journey that is reviewed and updated regularly.

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We'll help you get started on the journey by ensuring you have the right building blocks for success. Together we will identify areas requiring immediate attention, put processes in place and help you implement a solution keeping you protected for the long term.
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Having a Disaster Recovery Plan may be getting you through the night and is great day-to-day, but building a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan will ensure your business can survive after an event until the infrastructure has been restored and operations are back in place.

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