March 12, 2022

Just about the Money

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Just about the Money


As a provider of technology products and services we are constantly asked to provide the best possible price, or the lowest price, at the beginning of the conversation.  We assert this is much like asking companies to pay the highest fixed price regardless of what you ultimately decide is right for the organization.

I doubt we will discuss enough detail, during our initial conversation, to formulate a good understanding of what your company does and how technology plays a role in your business. Additionally, we want to understand why we are having our call – assuming everything was going well, you wouldn’t be searching out a new IT partner.

assuming everything was going well, you would not be searching out a new IT partner.

Yes, we are in business to be profitable and provide for our employees, just like any business.  One of the ways we try to stand apart from other similar technology providers is by focusing on the business case and why the client is reaching out.  You didn’t reach out to because you want to spend even more money, chances are you are experiencing some type of pain you want to address.  That pain point could be financially motivating or it could be that you have issues with your current technology provider, maybe you are just trying to make sure you’re getting the services you’re paying for.

No matter what the reason, if you’re just focused on what we charge, then we are probably not the best fit for your project.  If we jumped to the wrong conclusion, please click the other link so we can have an opportunity to get better acquainted and initiate our business relationship on the same page.

If you truly are looking for price alone, I am sure there are many other MSP’s out there willing to give you a number that may be what you are looking for, that’s just not us.

Thank you for your time.

Management Team
Forward Intellect LLC.