October 30, 2021

Can You Stop Cyber Attacks

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Can You Stop Cyber Attacks

The question is, “Can you stop cyber-attacks?”, well that really depends on how serious you are in your efforts. These days there are any number of company’s out there telling you how they are the best and they can detect attacks and-and-and. Just so you know where we stand, nothing is going to protect you as well as unplugging your connections and just turning out the lights. Since that’s not practical, what do you do?

You do your homework! You need to have the perspective that anything on the outside of your company walls is trying to get you and do harm. Then you need to start thinking about all the attack surfaces you are offering up as you do business every day. Firewall, endpoints, thumb drives, cloud storge (like OneDrive, Box, etc.), email, cloud compute, cell phones (do yours also connect when you’re in the office to your Wi-Fi or Lan?).

If you are a business owner trying to compete in whatever space your business occupies, then you are not technically, emotionally and philosophically equipped to do battle with your enemy? They already know more about you than you will likely ever know about them, and the funny thing is, they are not really looking for “you”, they are going to just stumble across your door and walk in to see what you have they can make use of. they want to know what they can exploit and how fast can they do it?

Now if you’re like many other business owners, you do your backups every week and then they migrate to the cloud on Sunday night and you probably even have a redundant NAS in the corner, “Just In Case”. I will even go so far as to say you have attended a few webinars talking about how you could pay into a service so they can tell when someone was doing harm are your network and some steps you can take to prevent easy access. Again, if this isn’t your full-time job, you’re not equipped to even think you have done enough.

Now before I go and really get you angry, you are in the same spot as most small business these days and the good news is that you have been attacked, yet – we think. Now this about the point I should be telling you to hire us and we’ll come in and sell you all kinds of stuff to put your mind at ease. But honestly, I am only trying to spread the word that you “the small business owner”, needs help and you should get out of your own way and hire someone. Do your homework and have a few calls to discuss what some of my colleges are doing, some are really good and some not so much.

My company does not sell 50 flavors of the same thing when it comes to security and real time monitoring or mitigation. We are also not going to recommend the lower end tools, that is a business decision you will have to make once you have the knowledge to do so. Now we do offer a few backup tools and you can get Office365 or Gmail from us and we do offer some additional security tools that extend the protection for some clients. We are a Sophos shop and have been for more than a decade and that’s what we recommend to our clients by way of giving them the information to make their own decision based on the facts.

If you need help or want to talk about Sophos or even want to take it for a spin, just let us know.