Customer Management that maintains the Relationship and helps you attend to the needs of your clients.

If you're not already spending most of your day watching for new clients on the website and checking to see if promotional materials were really delivered and then checking the email junk folder for missed opportunities, then you are either missing prospects or just flat out losing sales.
covering all channels your clients engage on to keep you in touch and responsive
Magic Bullet CRMImage

Respond Consistently

with all client and prospects

Centralize Communications

from Everywhere

Campaign Responsibly

drive awareness across all channels

Helping you all the way

Helping each of our clients be successful starts with having the best tools!

When selecting the right CRM platform it is important to understand not just how the tool works, but you must also know how your customers and prospects communicate.  Once you understand the various channels, now you need to go acquire the best tool for each of those channels.

Now you can have all the tools you need to react and follow up on visitor requests all on one platform.

  • contact details
  • email integration
  • SMS integration
  • better campaigns
  • WEB forms
  • custom websites
  • Instagram DM
  • Zapier integration
  • Google Analytics
  • Google My Business
  • memberships
  • payments
  • calendar & bookings
and so much more

We do all the heavy lifting

The decision is made even easier knowing we will ensure all the backend connections are made and you have the training to build campaigns to support your client and prospect needs.
  • we ensure the connections to web, email and social platforms
  • walk through to ensure understanding of contact management
  • walkthrough expanding your campaign / workflows
  • options for ongoing management of your program campaigns
  • we will customize the implementation to support your needs

We can show you how to build powerful campaigns


Working with your team to design and optimize how campaigns interact with customers and prospects.

  • learn how to build branching logic
  • assign tasks to ensure things get done
  • move prospects to other campaigns
  • send email with attachments
  • initiate social media connections

Want even more?

We do understand the time commitment for running a business. So we are offering a complete build service to get you up and running even faster. Ask about this addon service when you schedule your demo.
  • implement your existing campaigns
  • build custom email templates
  • deploy custom web forms to your web site
  • ongoing support for new campaigns
  • manage future updates and enhancements